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The Eco-Exo.com team consists of a group of three car enthusiasts, namely, Scott Turner, Stuart Turner and Paul Turland. The team has recently become the proud owner of the MEV Eco-Exo Project and aims to produce and market the wackiest & cheapest kit (to build, test register, tax & fuel) in the world.  

As well as producing and marketing the Eco-Exo, both in the UK and European markets, we plan to develop a number of derivatives and options. Current plans in development include a single seat model with Steering wheel and rack and a complete 72v electric model, making it the ultimate in Eco-Exo travel for both Fun and Commuting.

Who are we? Well, the above named are Father & Son and long term friend. Stuart and Paul, collectively known as "&co", spent much of their formative years under the bonnet of many cars, undertaking both restoration and complete kit-car builds. During this period Scott was the annoying little kid they got stuck with on a Saturday, mostly getting in their way or pinching tools that they were using. Scott now believes that, as he has matured, he has become more helpful.
Projects completed by the team to date include, restoration of Mark II Jaguars, E-type Jaguars, Aston Martin DB4 & DB6, Triumph Stag, Triumph TR4A,  Porsche 911 Turbo, Buike, Marcos Coupe, Reliant Scimitar & VW Beech Buggies and complete Kit-car builds of Ford GT40 replica, D-Type Jaguar replica and, most recently, two high quality MEV Rockets. 

After working closely with Stuart Mills (MEV Ltd) during the two Rocket builds, the team took the decision to take on one of his unique exo design vehicle's as its next project.

To produce an affordable, easy to build Eco-Exo reverse trike, that owners will enjoy building and using, whether its for a fun wacky vehicle or a daily commute, suitable for all ages, it is ideal as a safer alternative to a Scooter, as it can be driven on Provisional License for 17-year olds. 

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